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Blade-Runner Whiskey Bottle Label Sets STILL AVAILABLE!
Read On:

From carefully researched design...

To production...

To full fledged realization...

With the help of some truly talented people I was able to bring the GLASS Blade-Runner Whiskey Bottle to life and to date, am the only person to have done so.

The bottles are gone but I still have complete label sets available!


Blade-Runner Whiskey Bottle Label Sets
Are you looking for the PERFECT Label Set to place on a bottle for that Blade-Runner Whiskey Bottle you are getting together?
Are you tired of looking for that Johnnie Walker Bottle with the old labels in perfect condition so you can TRY to remove them by hand and place them on another bottle?
Or maybe you tried that already and realized it just doesn't look all that great?
Have you realized yet that it's next to IMPOSSIBLE to find the CORRECT front label with the word "Litre" on it as it appeared in the movie?
Or maybe someone has FINALLY had that "Sort of accurate"  Whiskey Bottle made and wasn't considerate enough to go the extra mile and provide the labels?
I offer Brand New full label set's for purchase.
One full year of research went into these labels which were then brought to life in vivid detail.
These Labels were made by a professional Label Making Company and they themselves said, "The detail on these labels far surpasses the REAL THING in quality and accuracy."
Each set includes the following:
1) Two Red wax "Walking Man" seals
2) One correctly cut Black Ribbon
3) One sheet of foil labels which includes the IMPOSSIBLE to find back
"Diamond" Label and the equally difficult to find "Up-Turned" Bottle Cap Seal.
Each label set will include a Match-Book from the "Snake Pit" Club as seen in Blade-Runner.
Get them while they last.
E-Mail me for pricing at: