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Screen Used FAKES
"Screen-used" Buffy FAKES of
Stephen Lange(ourfamily2u on EBay, RoadSoFar on Etsy, Stephen Vincent/JediTrucker
  on Devient Art)

Here is a pictorial reference for all you collectors out there showing the FAKES and revealing the FAKERS so you will ALL know who to avoid and why! This reference also includes so called "Screen-Used" Props that I myself was FOOLISH enough to believe were genuine and added to my collection. These items are now being saved in another collection as a reminder of those who are still out there waiting to take advantage of any willing Buffy/Angel Enthusiasts.
Lange's Address has been removed from these images per his request. I can sympathize...having ripped off so many people over the years he wouldn't want his home address known by all.
Most of these photo's have been left un-captioned due to the obvious nature of their being FAKE..."A rock from Buffy's Yard" "A piece of Sunnydale Street" etc... If you don't know why these are FAKES then I have a bridge you might like to buy!

Lange seems to think that any piece of trash he want's to call "screen-used" should make it good enough for you or me. Not every screen-used Prop out there comes with a COA, it's true, so ultimately it's up to you to decide how badly you want something to be genuine or not. In this instance however there are YEARS of evidence that Lange is a FRAUD. Don't let him cash in on YOUR Buffy enthusiasm!
Feel free to send me a picture of your own Buffy Fake purchased from Lange or other's. I'll post it here for all to see.

This book doesn't even contain the label above right that would have convinced me it was real as that label is actually a screen-used label from the Magic Box on Buffy that was placed in many of the books used on the show.

The cross at left was picked because of it's similarities to the one hanging on Principal Wood's Wall. It is in FACT too large to be the same cross. This is a Stephen Lange Fake that had some premeditation to it!
The "Blood-Chalice" FAKE. With the "toe-tag" that suggests that this prop was used on BOTH Buffy and Angel, which of course...IT WASN'T.
This is the only crossover COA I've seen issued by Lange and with a write in line for the description that has a distinctly female script. 
I've had the image of this "chalice" out on the internet for YEARS asking if anyone can remember having seen it on Buffy or Angel. Never heard back with any conclusive information so I went ahead and scanned all the episodes of Buffy and then ALL the episodes of Angel myself and have YET to see it used on either show...probably because...IT WASN'T.
Here's an image of a drawing that Lange FAKED and sold as "Screen-Used" to a friend of mine for around $700.
The friend took the drawing to an art expert and those are his notes below it.
The genuine drawing is the First and third panel while the FAKE are in the second and fourth. When asked for a refund on the basis of the above proof of the image being FAKE Lange refused!